Let the Story Begun.....

 Davidson County Transitional Services Incorporated (DCTS) also operating as DC Transitional Services was established in March 2013 under the leadership of Mrs. Fay Ashworth, the Chief Executive Director. In June 2013, the Human Services &  Consulting Agency (formerly known as Crisis Intervention & Referral Agency), located in the Big Chair City of Thomasville, NC elected (5) Board members and was incorporated by the North Carolina Secretary of State.  DCTS is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and has been tax-exempt since June 11, 2013. Davidson County transitional Services  is a Human Services  Agency  with a primary focus on troubled youth, justice served individuals, homelessness,  and persons that are victims or survivors of abuse. 

The Founder

As the Executive Director of DCTS, Fay have developed and implemented procedures and policies to facilitate efficient program delivery and community partnerships. She has built the agency's vision based on the belief that every person success may not be the same as your ideas. A client has the right to be safe, free from violence, and the fear of violence, and deserves a second chance to get it right.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Ashworth, DCTS aims to help reduce related social problems among those are persons or their families that experienced any form of abuse, sexism, racism, disparities as a justice served individual, homelessness as a result of aging out of foster homes and other forms of oppression.  Dr. Ashworth knows firsthand about needing second chances and bullying. As a young child, she was bullied and eventually retaliated by intimidating others. She reverted to using this form of “Destructive Behavior” to get attention. She started getting in trouble at school, so much so that she stayed in school suspension. As she grew older, Fay decided that enough was enough; It was not until several years later, that she found the necessary will-power to overcome these challenges of making the wrong choices. 

After many years and soul searching and prophecies, Fay discovered her real purpose in life. When God opened the door for her to begin to help others find healing from destructive behaviors and abuse she knew she'd found her purpose.  For this reason, Fay with the support of her husband, Minister L.L Ashworth, Sr. decided to established Davidson County Transitional Services. 

The Programming

 DCTS Families F1rst, WITS End Outreach, and Sec2Nd Chance Outreach Programs with the DAP4Youth operating under Sec2Nd Chance Outreach were developed to fulfill and to validate the agency’s mission. 'To provide educational services & referrals by connecting individuals & families to a collaborative network of support in their communities in times of transition, while empowering them with the necessary tools and skills to transition in society.” Seeking to bring about the social change needed to end domestic violence, destructive behaviors through individual and community awareness and education regardless of one's race, socioeconomic status, or education. Mrs. Ashworth and #TeamDCTS  aims to  to reduce destructive behaviors, ways of thinking,  and inspire change that promotes self-reliance. 

The First Few Years....

During the first years of operation, DCTS Inc. has been mainly focused on how to help our clients and their families better; additionally, we are always exploring new ways to increase revenue and lowering our service costs. Lots of progress has been made overall. Like many nonprofits, DCTS has been doing more with a little less within our agency. In collaboration with the CEO and Board of Directors. DCTS has made some tough decisions already; we know that more will emerge in the future. Our strategies are not only related to cost containment and productivity but also related to what support is likely in the future. As a working team, DCTS Executive Staff and Board make decisions that are based on both the long-term mission priorities as well as the sustainability of this quality agency. DCTS staff and volunteers will continue to deliver services with the same commitment to quality those we serve have come to expect.

The Credentials of the Founder

Dr. Ashworth has earned her graduate, undergrad, and associates degrees from Walden University, Winston-Salem State University, Guilford Technical Community College, Brook stone College of Business, and Universal Life Church. Her areas of study are wide-ranging from Human Services, Psychology, Public Administration, Nursing, Pharmacology, Meta-Physics, and Divinity. 

She has direct and indirect counseling experience (Degree in Family Studies & Intervention) and has tailored her education to understanding how to eradicate destructive behaviors and abuse. She has over a decade of experience working in supervisory roles with fifteen years of professional expertise in the human services field. Fay has been dedicated to ending abuse of any form since becoming an intern at a Domestic Violence Shelter, which led to a full-time position as Assistant Shelter Manager. She is a lifetime member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, Pi Alpha Alpha (PAA) National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration, Psi Chi International Honor Society, and Who’s Who of America and Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals. A member of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, WSSU Psychology Group, WSSU Alumni Association, Walden University Alumni Association, and GTCC Alumni Association. In 2016, Dr. Fay Ashworth was nominated to the National Association of Nonprofit Organization & Executives 2017 Board of Governors.


Fay has served as a leader in the capacity as Coordinator of Dementia Care, Nursing  Department Supervisor, Assistant Shelter Manager, Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer. In her free time, she is an avid reader of mystery novels, she loves cooking and baking cakes, especially wedding cakes. Additionally, she is a member of Friendship Baptist Church where she has been a member for 37 years and served as a former Sunday School Secretary, Young Adult Choir member, Chairman for the Annual Women’s Day- 2012, and-assistance treasurer of the Senior Choir.  Dr. Ashworth is a youth adviser and serve on the Deaconess Board. She is a officer of Unity Community 4th Tuesday’s Gatherings. Former Board Officer at Shepherd's Inn.  In 2019, Dr. M. Fay Ashworth  was appointed by the Thomasville City Council to serve  a term of 3-years on the  Thomasville  Multicultural  Committee.  

Dr. Ashworth Motto 'Confidence Is Believing in Oneself"