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Davidson County Transitional Services

3-Folded Goals Educate Empower Explore

 Davidson County Transitional Services [DCTS] is a Human Services & Consulting Agency Strengthening and Empowering Communities via Education & Support Systems in Davidson, Forsyth, and other surrounding counties . DCTS organizational goals are three-folded  Educate, Empower, and Explore !  We Educate individuals by providing self-sufficiency, parenting, substance abuse and domestic violence awareness, resources essential to becoming productive citizens and self-sufficient. In some circumstances we provide substance abuse treatment  groups for individuals and families.  Thus, we consult with them from a holistic perspective, then we Empower them to make sustainable life changes that impacts their life and society. While Empower (ing) them with the tools necessary to make successful life transitions or reintegration into communities, DCTS Explore alternative choices and make referrals to external organizations that are beneficial for our clientele when necessary . The majority of people served are from low-to-moderate income households. 


DCTS Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

Helping People Reach Individual Success Everyday [R.I.S.E] 

through consulting, educational, and referral services in times of transition. 

Our Vision 

To reduce destructive behaviors and inspire change that promotes self-reliance.


Our Core Values

Innovative- Driven- Respect- Transparency- Commitment- Safety First. 


Since its inception, DCTS core values have remain firm; We will always use an innovative approach to problem-solving. Humanity drives DCTS to strive for positive outcomes. We promise to create a cultural environment in which clients are treated with respect and dignity. We promise to be transparent and honest with those we interact with. We are committed to providing alternate choices, educational opportunities, advocacy, and safety. No matter how innovative or theoretically sound programs or services may be, success will be minimal if not implemented in an atmosphere where safety and privacy are the foremost concerns. We believe that a safe environment is a key to assisting clients to navigate their path to real independence successfully.  


What Sets Us Apart: Our Goals are to Help People R.I.S.E.

DCTS provides flexible services and support, quality resources, professional development opportunities that are designed to enable successful life transitions and/or reintegration into communities as productive citizens.

Our organizational goals are to Help People R.I.S.E.  through Education, Empowerment, and Exploration

Our organizational goals are to Help People R.I.S.E. through Education Empowerment & Exploration


DCTS Philosophy and Guiding Principles

At DCTS, we believe oppression in any form is a societal blight that requires a broad societal response. Since such a response requires input from all sectors of society, DCTS is committed to engaging the wisdom and resources of community partners in our efforts to modify the social beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that perpetuate disenfranchisement, and other destructive behaviors.  The experiences of persons who have successfully overcome barriers of  marginalization, violence, or abuse and have transitioned into independent living are a rich source of insight and information concerning the multifaceted needs of victims and efficient strategies for meeting those needs. By sharing their testimonies, clients can encourage those experiencing these challenges and help service, governmental, and nonprofit organizations implement more efficient programs and outreach strategies. DCTS is committed to engaging our clients as passionate advocate partners in our efforts.

DCTS Diversity Statement

DCTS is committed to eliminating racism and all other forms of oppression. We understand that this is a never-ending process, which requires ongoing openness, diligence and hard work. We believe that any form of oppression enables destructive behaviors, and therefore efforts to end them must include an anti-oppression agenda. DCTS believe that there is an wide-ranging array of perspectives results from inclusion and diversity which allows our not-for profit organization to be more effective,. We commit  to promoting inclusion and diversity in philanthropy and the not-for profit  sector. We are also dedicated to greater diversity and inclusion within our own organization and will provide equal opportunities  to individuals of all races, ethnicities,genders, religions, sexual orientations, gender identifications, ages, socioeconomic status, marital statuses, geographic locations, philosophies, and veteran statuses in all levels of staff and governance.

If We Believe in our Vision, Mission, Core Values, & Guiding Principles..We Grow!

The History of DCTS

Let the Story Began...................

Davidson County Transitional Services Incorporated also operating as DC Transitional Services was established in March 2013 .  In June 2013, the  Human Services and Consulting Agency (formerly  known as Crisis Intervention & Referral Agency), located in the Big Chair City of  Thomasville, NC  elected  (5) Board members and was incorporated by the North Carolina Secretary of State.  DCTS is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and has been tax-exempt since June 11, 2013.   

During the first years of operation, DCTS Inc. has been mainly focused on how to help our clients and their families better; additionally, we are always exploring new ways to increase revenue and lowering our service costs. Lots of progress has been made overall. Like many nonprofits, DCTS has been doing more with a little less within our agency. In collaboration with the CEO and Board of Directors. DCTS has made some tough decisions already; we know that more will emerge in the future. Our strategies are not only related to cost containment and productivity but also related to what support is likely in the future. As a working team, DCTS Executive Staff and Board make decisions that are based on both the long-term mission priorities as well as the sustainability of this quality agency. DCTS staff and volunteers will continue to deliver services with the same commitment to quality those we serve have come to expect. 

To Learn more about DCTS journey click photo

To Learn more about DCTS journey click photo