Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing


Notice To all Interested Applicants

All SCTH residents  males  /females must have successfully passed a National Criminal Background Check  $50.00  conducted by G.T.A.C.C. Solutions.  

Application fee: $50.00 /due at time of acceptance (unless other arrangements have been approved by (Dr. Fay Ashworth).

All applicants Will be screened

Acceptable Offenses for SCTH-Females or SCTH-Males

 · Breaking & Entering

· Drug Charges (non-trafficking)

· Fraud, Larceny Charges

· Driving While Impaired

· Sexual Offenders (Not Accepted)

· Violent Crimes (None within the last 10 years)

Applicant will receive educational awareness, on-site treatment or referred out counseling . 


DCTS Working Towards Helping Justice Serve Individuals R.I.S.E.


Dr. Fay Ashworth and Wendy Sellars, the face of Davidson County Transitional Services, recognize that there is essentially non-existent of Transitional Housing in Davidson County, NC, for those transitioning from jail or prison. Wendy sees this weekly as she attends court on behalf of clients who are on work release and preparing to transition out of the prison system. As a probation officer, and working within the criminal justice system for over twenty-years, Wendy has firsthand knowledge of the struggle. Dr. Ashworth encounters this barrier when speaking with Clients  with loved ones in the criminal justice system. The Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing (SCTH) Program goal is to assist justice served justice-involved individuals "Reach Individual Success Everyday (R.I.S.E.)" by empowering them to return and live in their perspective communities. The grant  DCTS received from TPP  is one of the first stepping stones to helping Davidson County Transitional Services achieve  the milestone of having the first Transitional Housing in Davidson County that serves justice serve individuals. The program will  target those individuals who are released from prison or persons who need transitional housing after being denied housing due to having a criminal record.

Dr. M Fay Ashworth, Chief Executive Director & Wendy B. Sellars, Sec2Nd Chance & DAP4Youth Director,

Dr. M Fay Ashworth, Chief Executive Director & Wendy B. Sellars, Sec2Nd Chance & DAP4Youth Director,

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Programming Information

Sec2ND Chance Housing Mission

 The Mission of the Sec2ND Chance Transitional Housing (SCTH) Program is to assist justice served/justice or involved individuals Reach Individual Success Everyday by empowering them to return and live in their perspective communities. To equip them to provide for themselves and their families by becoming self-sufficient, educated, employed, and drug-free individuals. Although our agency believes in sec2Nd chances, DCTS SCTH is unable to house individuals who have committed sexual crimes of any type at any given time. As such, all applicants will be screened prior to admission and must successfully passed a National Criminal Background Check ($50.00) conducted by G.T.A.C.C. Solutions, 14 W Main St # 200, Thomasville, NC 27360. The following are Acceptable Offenses

· Breaking & Entering

· Drug Charges (non-trafficking)

· Fraud, Larceny Charges

· Driving While Impaired

· Sexual Offenders (Not Accepted)

· Violent Crimes (None within the last 10 years) 


Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing (SCTH) Rules

"Helping People Reach Individual Success Everyday"

  1.  Residents must be employed or employable to resided at SCTH.
  2. Residents must abide by all the rules set forth by SCTH administration
  3. Rent is due accordingly per your entry-contract by 7:00 pm of agreed date (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  4. Utilities will be divided between residents and must be paid by the last working day of every month. (Resident should be aware of leaving lights on in rooms not in use. Report  any water leaks to the appropriate persons at SCTH. 
  5. No smoking in the house, if you smoke you must do so in designated smoking area.
  6. No Alcohol or illegal drug use will be permitted. Immediate eviction will be conducted if any resident is found under the influence at the home.
  7. All residents must sign a  release of information with SCTH and any substance abuse agency they are attending,  including   Probation/Parole for the purposes of drug testing results.
  8. There will be no visitors of the opposite sex allowed in sleeping areas. Residents will be allowed to have visitors in the TV/Living room area  ONLY and they must vacate the home by 10:00 pm.
  9. Residents  must take turns mowing the grass/  yard  work at the home. (schedule will be assigned)
  10. Residents must take turns taking out all trash for city pick up.
  11. Public Transportation is available for residents.  
  12. All residents must be in the residence by 11:00 PM Sunday -Thursday and 12:00 pm  Friday -Saturday. This time is only if said resident does not have a court ordered curfew. All residents must follow the curfew set by your Post  Release/Parole Officer.
  13. Residents are accountable for keeping their room and common areas (bathroom, kitchen, TV/Living rooms) lean at all times.

(Rules May be Changed at the discretion of the Administrative Staff). Sec2ND Chance  Transitional Housing works toward keeping clients  Out4LIfe.

Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing Goals



 Is to help individuals return to self-sufficiency within 9 months. We do so by providing an affordable temporary housing situation, counseling, limited transportation (public transportation is available) and support. Our program has a 12-month residency cap. However, it is our desire that program participants successfully transition before that 12-month period ends. During residents stay, and transition back into the community,  individuals will receive, job readiness training, financial literacy education, and counseling, employment assistance, permanent housing assistance, among other outlined goals during assessment to becoming self-sufficient and successful.

Donations accepted year round.

Individuals & Family Counseling

Sec2Nd  Chance Transitional Housing will provide group and individual onsite counseling opportunities for each resident. Our therapeutic services provide comprehensive mental health and therapeutic methods to assist each resident with their needs in every facet of life. 

We believe therapy is a unique process and everybody has a different need view on what would help them in their walk of life. 

 SCTH want to help our residents feel comfortable and know they are not alone on their reentry journey.


Expectionations of Sce2ND Chance Housing

  • Furnishings and linens are provided for all residents. 
  • For indigent persons hygiene care packages will be provided (if availability permits). Otherwise, new residents will need to purchase or have family bring  clothing, toiletries
  • Desire to remain sober and be successful.  
  • Each resident is expected to cook their own meals.  
  • Public Transportation is avaiable . If not transportation to the grocery store and recovery support group meetings is provided on a weekly basis at a minimal cost. 
  •  Residents are expected to contribute to efforts to keep the house clean and it is required that new residents be employed prior to being admitted to our program. 
  •  If not employed, we request that you have gainful employment within 30 days of admittance. 

Goals are the First Step to Independence


Life Skills Financial Literacy & Community Service)

Davidson County Transitional Services Sec2nd Chance Transitional Housing believes that to reduce recidivism we need to assist our residents in all aspects of life. We want to ensure that our residents are prepared to live independently. Whether it be the need to further their education, obtain a desired career or seeking the training needed to enhance their skill set, Out4Life Sec2ND Chance staffing is here to help make our residents become the best they can be. 


What is the Cost?

The amount of each residential stay will be determined at initial intake.  Every resident will sign a contractual agreement prior to being accepted at SCTH. In the event, they are asked to vacate due to a violation. The agreed-upon balance will still be due for that week.  Residents will pay a minimum of 15 %-20 % per pay period. Otherwise prior to employment, a set amount will be implemented until revised. Please email or   if more information about contractual agreements or programming is needed.


What Type of Structed Is Provided?

 Each house will employ a residential manager responsible for enforcing rules and holding residents accountable. The manager will report to the Director of Transitional Housing. Managers will make sure that the home runs smoothly and effectively. Residents will abide by a reasonable curfew and visitor restrictions and each resident must participate in a weekly house meeting.

Sec2Nd Chance Programming Downloadable

DCTS Sec2ND Transitional Chance Housing Official Document 112719 (pdf)


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